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Brief chronology of the construction
Carriage crossing
Selected dates
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Brief chronology of the construction
Carriage crossing
Selected dates in railway life
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     Subject section
The prospects of other railway variants (M. Krainov)
Irkutsk - Baikal line
(M. Krainov)
Historical facts (Handbook)
Transsib history place

History, genealogies, persons

Brief chronology of the construction on sections
  • Irkutsk - Baikal
    Begin of construction - 1896
    Laying of track - July-October, 1898
    First train passed - October 21, 1898
    It was accepted to regular operation - July 1, 1900
  • Baikal - Kultuk (now the historical section)
    Begin of construction - Spring, 1902
    First train passed - September 18, 1904
    It was accepted to regular operation - October 16, 1905
  • Kultuk - Tankhoi
    Begin of construction - The second half of 1901
    First train passed - April 1, 1904
    It was accepted to regular operation - October, 1905
  • Tankhoi - Mysovaya
    Begin of construction - The end 1899
    Mysovaya - Mishikha: first train passed - April 21, 1901
    Mishikha - Tankhoy: first train passed - April, 1902
    It was accepted to regular operation - Summer, 1903
  • The ferry crossing-place through Baikal
    "Baikal" was lauched on water - June 17, 1899
    "Angara" was lauched on water - July 25, 1900
    Opening of regular communication - April 24, 1900

* All dates are given in Old Style. Conversion in New Style: before February 29, 1900 +12 days, from February 29, 1900 +13 days. Main data sources are published in Handbook.
** Railway sections are given by geographical way of Transsib, west-to-east.

Periods of freeze-up, work of ferry and carriage crossing on years

As the first winter of operation of train ferry demonstrated, ice-breakers could be able to break Baikal ice only in first days after freeze-up. So that it doesn't interrupt in winter carriage crossing providing conveyance of post, passengers and cargo was erected.

Year Time of freeze-up Time of stopping runs Thaw and recovery of runs Carriage crossing began Carriage crossing ended
1900-1901 December 16 (31) December 31
(January 13)
April 18 (May 1) December 31
(January 13)
April 19 (May 2)
1901-1902 December 20
(January 2)
January 4 (17) April 16 (29) January 2 (15) April 18 (May 1)
1902-1903 December 6 (19) January 21
(February 3)
thaw on April 18
(May 1), runs from
April 16 (29)
passengers from
January 20 (February 2),
cargo from January 22
(February 4)
April 15 (28)
1903-1904 December 23
(January 5)
January 13 (26) test run on
April 21 (May 4),
regular ones - from
April 23 (May 6)
passengers from
January 12 (25),
cargo from
January 13 (26)
cargo from
April 17 (30),
passengers from
April 23 (May 6)

As a rule carriage crossing began before ending of ice-breakers runs and sometimes situations when powerful ice-breaker ran slowly overcoming ice and near it carriage-road passed and horses easily outdistanced "Baikal" sprang up.
Source: Baikal ferrying across: To centurary of construction and operation / Under gen. ed. by V. G. Tretyakov. - Irkutsk: Publishing house of Irkutsk state university, 2000. - p.p. 130-163.

Selected dates in railway life
  • June 30, 1956
    The last transit train passed by the Circum-Baikal railway. At the night since June 30 on July 1, 1956 traffic of trains at the place of builded Irkutsk hydropower station under the order of construction chief Bochkin was discontinued and on July 11 the tracks were dismantled.
  • Autumn, 1962
    After powerful mudflow at Circum-Baikal railway the second tracks were dismantled and also Ulanovo and Sharyzhalgay stations were dismantled.
  • Summer, 1988
    A replacement of Circum-Baikal railway tracks - before it on the whole the track lay on the place of closer to Baikal track; after it in tunnels and some other places the were shifted in the middle.

  • The ice-breaker "Baikal"
Overview of the ice-breaker The ice-breaker in section
Drawings of "Baikal" ice-breaker are sent by Joe Caffrey, England, taken from the Science Museum, Newcastle.

Subject sections

M. A. Krainov. The prospects of other railway variants
This section tells about various not realized railway variants. Detailed description of prospects along Irkut, Bolshaya Olkha and Kitoy.
Sources: The prospects of Circum-Baikal railway, V. Voznesenskiy; Geological prospects along Circum-Baikal railway line, I. V. Mushketov; articles by various authors

M. A. Krainov. Irkutsk - Baikal line.
A few materials about dismantled and flooded by Irkutsk hydro-power station reservoir Irkutsk - Baikal line were collected here.
Source: Archive of East Siberian line.

Some words about this section

Certainly the historical section of the cite presented to you will develop and be enriched. Unfortunately, the sources accessibiled for us don't give the low-down and rather often data contained in them contradict each other. During preparation of the section we were faced with two types of disparities - in dates and in distances. So distance data are given by actual kilometer signs on the distict or by versts converted in kilometers from in our view most reliable sources. If you can to correct us, to make more precise the data or to supplement them - we without fail will consider and put them (only don't forget to refer to your source).
Hereafter it's planned in project limits to prepare rather full chronology pf the railway once more data sources will be in our order. Also we request any authors to collaborate with us - we will publish Your articles of cite subject with pleasure.


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