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M. Krainov "Seasons" Some words about this section
Trans-Siberian travel notes

Circum-Baikal railway: trips, info, history

Mikhail Krainov. Seasons: a view from the same but beautiful place of the railway.
An alike landscape in various seasons: please admire surrounding nature changes - from spring to summer, from autumn to winter. The view at Angasolka river mouth with a pre-revolution viaduct was a point of observation.

Some words about this section

This section devotes to personal impression of those who have visited Circum-Baikal railway, subjective view of specific man at this corner of the Earth. It's rather possible that perusal of materials put here will help us to look at this unique road newly by fresh and non-tradicional opinion. Also here Itinerary of people passed along the road or its part will be published. We will publish your notes and impressions with pleasure...


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