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Irkutsk - Baikal line

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About the section
Some words about history
Reference table
The map of the line first section (1, 2)

About the section. A few materials about dismantled and flooded by Irkutsk hydro-power station reservoir Irkutsk - Baikal line were collected here.

Some words about history. When one understood that the beginning of Circumbaikal line construction lags, the decision to lay railway from Irkutsk to Baikal lake for transportation of trains by train ferry-boats was accepted.

First there was a plan to lay the railway along right Angara bank with construction of pontoon-bridge in Irkutsk limits. But in this case continuous communication was lacking during periods of freeze-up and drifting of the ice. Construction of permanent bridge wasn't included into the estimate. So for railway construction less suitable left bank was chosen.

The first train came to Baikal station on October 21 (November 2), 1898. Before completion of Circum-Baikal line in 1904, Irkutsk - Baikal line remained dead-end one and trains went then by ferry-boat. From 1904 to 1956 this line was ordinary though rather beautiful section of Transsib. Before beginning of flooding by the reservoir waters the rails were dismantled and the section Irkutsk - Baikal passed into nothingness.

Reference table. Information about Irkutsk - Baikal line by conditions of 1941 is in this table. Kilometrage is given as it was in that time - from Irkutsk-Sortirovochny station. All stations, passing-tracks and block-posts, all stone pipes and stone chutes, bridges with length more eight meters and also sole wooden bridge on stone piers are given in this table.

Stations, passing-tracks and block-posts are marked pale yellow, bridges are marked light-blue, stone pipes are marked light-green, stone chutes are marked a colour of marine waves.

Irkutsk - Baikal line
  Km Object name Location

Note / Object description

1 7 Irkutsk-Passenger st. Irkutsk c. this station now also is at Transsib
1 10 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
1 12 iron bridge Kuzmikha r. length 13 m
2 15 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
3 17 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
2 19 iron bridge Berezovka fold length 9 m
2 20 Yershy b/p    
3 22 iron bridge a bay of Angara r. length 64 m
4 26 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
5 28 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
6 29 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
7 30 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
8 31 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
3 32 Mikhalevo st. Mikhalevo s. 7 tracks, in the beginning of the 20th century
there were 2 brick-yards and 1 sawmill
4 32 iron bridge Kaley r. length 21 m
5 34 iron bridge Kurma r. length 43 m
9 35 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
6 45 iron bridge Piterikha fold length 64 m
4 47 Ostrovnoy b/p    
7 49 iron bridge   length 9 m
8 50 iron bridge   length 9 m
9 52 iron bridge Kholodnaya fold length 9 m
10 56 iron bridge Alanka r. length 21 m
5 57 Podorvikha p/t Podorvikha v. 4 tracks
11 59 iron bridge   length 9 m
10 60 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
11 60 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
1 61 stone chute   width 0.4 m
12 61 Iron bridge on stone piers   length 10 m
2 62 stone chute   width 0.4 m
3 62 stone chute   width 0.4 m
12 63 stone pipe   orifice 2 m
13 63 iron bridge Maloletnyaya fold length 9 m
6 65 Kudashovo b/p    
14 66 iron bridge Sosnovaya r. length 9 m
13 69 stone pipe   orifice 1 m
4 70 stone chute   width 0.4 m
7 72 Baikal st. Baikal s. Now this station is the end of
Circum-Baikal railway
Abbreviations: c. - city; s. - settlement; st. - station, p/t - passing-track, b/p - block-post, r. - river, v. - village.
Overall statistician:
Total in the table - 3 stations, 1 passing-track, 3 block-posts, 13 iron bridges, 1 wooden bridge on stone piers, 13 stone pipes and 4 stone chutes.
M. A. Krainov


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