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THIS SITE is a result of cooperation of two people who have never been acquainted and live in a distance of 3000 km from each other - Sergey Sigachyov from Khavarovsk and Mikhail Krainov from Irkutsk. But they were united by three main facts - love to railways, good knowledge of the theme and respect to Internet technologies which made it possible for anyone to bring his knowledge to the thousands of other people without any borders and thick pocket-books.
First "Circum-Baikal Railway" was planned as a part of more enormous site "Trans-Siberian Railway";, the author of the site is Sergey Sigachyov. But having studied the problem and its present position in the Interantional Net spaces more attentively, the author of "Transsib" proposed - let's create a separate site! This legendary railway is worth our admiring and attention at the same time - as a monument of engineering-technical art of our ancestors who had built it in the rocks of Baikal coast a hundred years ago and as a natural phenomenon of surrounding it flora and fauna.
And the "site founders" went forward - the more so that they were supported by Dmitry Boldetsov who has taken the tricky part of graphic and design. So, the whole team was created and the work went with a swing. The more so that all three project authors walked along the Circum-Baikal railway and have a good idea of the theme.

THE MAIN IDEA of the site, as we see it, is to join all the basic data about Circum-Baikal railway in one generally available place:
1) Reference information and historical facts put together and proved by at least two different sources (unfortunately, some sources are contradictory and not exact in concrete facts or dates).
2) Full lists of bridges and tunnels of Circum-Baikal railway - different books give different data about the number of tunnels, their length and other. Adduced by us data were got with help of the most reliable way - personal observation, independetly from each other - by walking of Sergey Sigachyov and Dmitry Boldetsov in June, 1999; Michail Krainov as a local inhabitant - more than once; Alexander Khobta - real "professional" in this subject - also more than once.
3) Collected visual evidences - photos, slides, pictures from historic cards.
4) Digression to the history which helps to imagine how the railway having been created.
5) Different information for a tourist who wants to get to Circum-Baikal railway and watch it all or just a part of it with his own eyes.

Old version of the siteTHE BEGINNING was held on October 17, 1999 (on a miniature at the left you can look an old design of our site), and we have begun to develop. The site continuously extended, and the data - were updated and were filled up, the more so that the Irkutsk geologist Alexander Khobta which is a "guru" of Circum-Baikal railway has supported our project, by submitting most precise (it's impossible to tell differently!) data almost about all objects of this unique road. This circumstance also has allowed us to systematize already available data. On the site some articles were published, some subsections were started in some columns, and the Photogallery has grown up almost up to 300 photos despite the fact that we rejected many snapshots. But for some moment we felt that it is time to raise technological level of the site - and in the beginning of February, 2001 the site has started in an updated state - with new architecture, mock-up and style of design, with improved rubrication and Photogallery.

IN THE FUTURE we plan to create a full guide-book of Circum-Baikal railway and to publish personal impression about the railway on the base of own way notes. There are a lot of beautiful photos in our "brief-case" and we'll put these photos to our photo-gallery gradually. We hope that our site will become interesting and useful for you and we'll try our best.
Our two main principles are - to public of only exact and checked data (by any source or by personal observation) and independence of our information and conclusions from any selfish influence. We are not going to change to advertisement-glossy page for the interest of one firm, but set a task to become your guide and encyclopaedia of this topic in the International Net. And only you, our dear visitors, will be able to judge if it is so...

SEND to us your photos and slides from this road, testimonies and impressions, articles and facts closer definitions to us - we'll publish your materials on the pages of our site with great pleasure. We want historians and scientists to cooperate with us - we are glad to see your articles at our site. If you liked the site and you have desire and possibility to help us to develop the project - come into contact with us, we'll make arrangemets with you!


1) 20.01.2000 - "PSI"-premium of Charitable fund by Prokopchuk Sergei Ivanovich for original web-page.

2) 29.09.2000 - Grand Prize of competiton for best web-site "Irkutsk Internet - 2000" carried out by the company "Delovaya Setí - Irkutsk" from May 25 till September 15, 2000 - for full and high-quality scope of the theme. On the photo M. Krainov is receiving the diploma.

3) 24.10.2003 - Silver medal and diploma to it at regional competition of web-sites "Gold babr - 2003" in the section "Science. Culture. Religion".

The members of "Circum-Baikal railway on the Web" project.
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