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The end of summer Autumn decline Late autumn

The end of summer. September, 1998

Autumn decline. October, 1999

Late autumn. November, 1999

New Year 2000 Baikal froze Fissure in spring

New Year. January 1, 2000

Baikal froze. February, 2000

Fissure in spring. April, 2000

Photos made near the mouth of Angasolka river at 148th km of Circum-Baikal railway are presented here. All typical features inherent in this unique railway are concentrated on them. And among these features by first, certainly, it is necessary to mention lake Baikal, the deepest lake on the planet, preserving 20% of global fresh water reserve in oneself and given a name to this railway.
Steep and sheer abrupt slopes forced builders to build numerous tunnels and galleries, two of which are seen on the photos. The two galleries are 1-track and now are not used - track is laid between galleries walls and Baikal.
Large quantity of various rivers and brooks has resulted in construction on this, less than 100 kms length section of railway, more than 200 bridges, moreover the bridges over significant obstacles represent real monuments of architecture. Bridges for different tracks were being built in various time and often were not only of different shapes but also from different materials. So in Angasolka case, the newer bridge (in the foreground) is ferro-concrete and closes by itself the very beautiful stone bridge recalling a Roman viaduct.

All these photos were made from one place but in different seasons and are situated in chronological order. Look how much the same Earth part can be looked so various in different seasons, at different weather (November and January photos - the first was made at overcast weather but the second was made at sunny one). Pay attention to the fact that on January 1 Baikal doesn't think of freezing, usually it's happen in the middle of the month but in warm winters in the begin of February. After this until the begin of April time of active automobile trips over ice begins. Baikal releases from ice appreciably later other reservoirs only in the beginning of May.

Photos of seasons were made by Mikhail Krainov.


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