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The necessary explanations

It is necessary to note that except the specified halts, matanya can stop practically in any place if to wave by a hand (but also it can go away without any stop). A passing-track at 137 km and Ulanovo station are intended for rest house of East Siberia line and tourist hostel "Khvoynaya" located near them and by the schedule matanya doesn't stop on them (for this reason they are not present on the page of the schedule).
This list is created on October 3, 1999.

Halts and Stations list
Km Stop Location Notes
159 159 km s. Kultuk former Kultuk 2 passing-track
156 Kultuk s. Kultuk  
154 154 km s. 154th km  
149 149 km v. Angasolskaya  
145     former Khabartui passing-track (later block-post)
139 139 km v. Sharyzhalgay  
138 Sharyzhalgay DSO "Lokomotiv" former Sharyzhalgay station
137 137 km Rest house of VSZD  
137 137 km Rest house of VSZD  
134 134 km v. 134th km  
129 129 km v. Baklan' former Baklaniy passing-track (later block-post)
120 120 km s. Maritui  
119 Maritui s. Maritui  
110 110 km v. Polovinnaya  
108     former Ponomarevka block-post
107 107 km s. Ponomaryovka  
106     former Ponomaryovka passing-track
106 106 km s. Ivanovka  
102 102 km v. Shumikha  
98 Ulanovo t/h "Khvoynaya" old name was Khvoynaya
98 Ulanovo t/h "Khvoynaya" old name was Khvoynaya
90     former Tolsty passing-track (later block-post)
80 80 km t/h "Retro"  
80 79 km t/h "Serebryanny Klyuch" former Listvennichny passing-track (later block-post)
74 74 km s. Baikal  
72 Baikal s. Baikal  
Abbreviations: t. - town; s. - settlement; v. - village; t/h - tourist hostel.
Notes: stations are marked bold font, passing-tracks are marked italic font and halts are marked ordinary font
Overall statistician:
Total - 4 stations, 1 passing-track and 17 halts; 7 dismantled stations and passing-tracks.


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